Palazzo Merulana houses a collection composed mainly of works of the Roman school and the Italian twentieth century, but with a momentum towards the contemporary.
The exhibition path which includes more than 90 works, on a surface of 1800 square meters, is divided into four floors.

Sculpture Room

As it was in the original structure of the Health Department, where the ground floor was the entrance porch, Palazzo Merulana welcomes its visitors in a porch too, free of charge, with a bookshop and a cafè to enjoy a pleasant break between different sculptures by Antonietta Raphael, Lucio Fontana, Pericle Fazzini, Giuseppe Penone, and many other artists.

In a free and relaxed mood, they could enact a peculiar and unconventional intimacy with the artworks. The peaceful atmosphere is conveyed also by the lovely urban garden, far from the daily hustle and bustle of Via Merulana.


As the beating heart of the Elena and Claudio Cerasi collection, the second floor hosts most of the permanent exhibition of Palazzo Merulana. De Chirico, Balla, Donghi, Capogrossi, Casorati, Pirandello, Severini, Cambellotti, to name a few.

A warming and familiar space that invites visitors to linger on and to rest on the sofas between the artworks. A walk into beauty, an aesthetic experience, a dive into the 20th Century with a glance towards the contemporary: everything is orchestrated by the “Director of the Stars” by Jan Fabre, placed at the center of the room.

Gallery A dynamic space hosting temporary exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art and valorization of the Cerasi Collection.
Top Floor

A place for cultural activities and food and wine events. Hybrid space where conferences, talks, projections and events are daily set.


A privileged point of view on Via Merulana. Through the high trees Rome offers to the sight its roofs and domes.